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What are the best places to work for legal professionals? By far the most competitive, stressful and financially rewarding legal practices to gain employment out there, are the traditional civil litigation practices like personal injury law firms. The comparatively less stressful areas of law include more transaction based fields like contracts. Let’s face it, though, the less than rosy work environments of complex civil tort litigation are very fluid, and known the country over as “feast or famine” endeavors, dealing with mixed bags of medicine, law, tactics and strategies and can be pressure cookers for young associates and even partners. The end game is recovery of money damages for people with emotional and medical problems resulting from negligent acts of wrongdoers and sometimes this requires tough decisions that affect people’s lives.

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What Makes for A Happy Work Place in a Law Firm Setting?

Unlike contracts and instruments, injury law attorneys typically fund the cases themselves, and must also find a way to meet payroll demands, and deal the personal issues and challenges of employees, doctors, experts, and the frequently present, nasty liability insurance adjustors. In addition to all of that, law clerks, paralegals and the lawyers themselves must constantly address the draining sadness, and other unpredictable highs and lows of downtrodden clients suffering great emotional and personal challenges stemming from a death, coma, damage or loss of a body part.

The Many Challenges Stemming From Personal Relationships in the Practice of Law

Most law offices who have the above types of managerial and interpersonal relationships, desire workers who are able to take initiative, think outside the box, and not bring with them a lot of emotional baggage. That being said, even the best employees will be affected by the drama that can be presented in many of these unique conflicts and the adversarial system discussed above. Having an approachable boss, or mentor can make a big difference in the overall quality of life of the employee and employer, which inevitably overflows into the attorney-client relationship. A well grounded legal representative will almost always achieve the client’s desired outcomes assuming an equal level or knowledge, competence and skill in a given area of the practice of law.  Dealing with internal challenges is a good indicator for prospective clients as to the potential outcome of any given case.

The focus of our initial survey deals with:

  • Gaining a job in support of a tort law office,
  • Best types of work environments,
  • Keeping a legal job and remaining happy.

Of course, there are also other hard driving factors influencing fluid law practices out there as well, and we are creating surveys for all types of law practices.  The general purpose of all our surveys is to gain statistical data in a confidential manner from the various large and small legal practices from various states. Employees and staff are encouraged to suggest changes to surveys.  Much of our initial data in forming the surveys for injury law firms was gained from controlled case studies involving vetted members of the Circle of Legal Trust. This is an organization of attorneys known for integrating technology, confidence building and surveys into their policy making decisions. The main personal injury law offices survey was formed from data obtained from personal injury, civil rights, and serious accidents law firms.

Los Angeles is traditionally recognized as one of the most dense and competitive locales to run a law practice. Our baseline will start in LA and work its way out to other cities and states. Presently, the survey will only accept data from firms who are in compliance with the Rules, as set forth on the circleoflegaltrust.com website. If you are part of an attorney organization with set rules and standards from which we can obtain hard numbers for future surveys, feel free to contact us at info@bptw.org.


At the end of our survey, we will invite staff to vote for their favorite, “Best Places to Work in Law” on the survey. The initial survey will be conducted on the Web, with thousands of qualified respondents from thousands of institutions assessing their working environments in the many different areas of law and medicine.

Awards will be in the form of recognition in our Best Places Index, and a virtual trophy that can be embedded into the firm’s website as a “Best Place To Work”. It is well established that a happy work environment leads to better case outcomes for clients. So the award is focused on helping instill confidence within the minds of prospective victims who are seeking a legal advocate that puts people first, in a selfless manner. The ultimate goal of a best place to work is instilling confidence in their clients by having an effective work environment. A lawyer or firm with the title of best places to work is also a reflection on the best types of lawyers to hire, and carries with it a greater statistical probability of obtaining windfall like results for their clients.

Accordingly, respondents to the survey are to be focused on collaboration, team building, as well as the uncommon funding issues that all combine to highlight the many important work environment factors. Law firms that utilize the focused critical analysis of “Peers”, “Teaching & Mentoring” are those held in the highest regard by bptw.org, and the hope of the survey itself is to burgeon a tradition of mentoring among paralegals, lawyers, physicians, researchers and students within the legal community itself.  Seniors as Mentors are the targets of the awards program, and they shall have a reputation for outreach and all have strong mentoring components, grounded in peer mentorship. Feel free to surf around and enjoy our site about the best places to work in the legal field.

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